Living Wage Campaign

Why a Living Wage Campaign?
In the Madison area, low-wage and part-time jobs have boomed in the last 10 years at the expense of jobs capable of supporting families. It is not right that people who are playing by the rules and going to work every day have to live in poverty conditions.

Taxpayers pay the price of low wages in subsidized health care, housing and food stamps. With living wages, we all win.

What is a Living Wage Campaign?
The Dane County Living Wage Campaign addresses declining wages in the midst of economic growth, the widening gap between the highest and lowest paid, and the shredding of the safety net for peole living in poverty.

Our strategy is to pass local legislation which mandates that employee pay will be above the poverty level for firms receiving economic assistance or service contracts from local government (city, county, school district).

Simply put:

A day's work deserves a fair day's pay, and if you
want to do business with taxpayers' dollars, you must
pay decent wages.

The Dane County Living Wage Campaign grew out of a series of Town Hall
meetings sponsored by the South Central Federation of Labor and
Progressive Dane (which is the local affiliate of the national New Party).
The coalition has grown to include community organizations, religious groups,
service providers, and low-wage workers who believe that living wages
are both a moral concern and a responsibility of local government.

For more information contact:
the South Central Federation of Labor at 256-5111
or Progressive Dane at 257-4985
or email us at:


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