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Living Wage Resolution

Whereas, a day's work deserves a fair day's pay -- no one working full-time to support a family should have to live in poverty; and

Whereas, government and taxpayer dollars should encourage the creation of family-supporting jobs that provide health care benefits; and

Whereas, the costs of food, housing, child care and transportation make it increasingly difficult for low-wage workers to make ends meet; and

Whereas, more workers are finding their wages falling below the poverty level even with Dane County's record low unemployment rate; and

Whereas, Living Wage campaigns are winning legislation around the country to lift above the poverty level the pay for employees of firms receiving local tax dollars; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will assure social and economic benefits for the community as a whole and a supportive environment for employers who try to maintain fair wages; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will decrease the need for public assistance programs by increasing family-supporting jobs; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will increase sales tax revenues by increasing consumer spending and will help stabilize the local economy; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will discourage government privatization and contracting out that feeds the growth of part-time, poverty wage work; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will prevent "low-ball" contracting that results in low-quality service; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will result in lower turnover rates that will reduce the costs of recruitment, hiring and training and increase the quality and continuity of job performance; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will provide public vendors and businesses receiving economic development assistance with conscientious workers seeking jobs at adequate wages; and

Whereas, a Living Wage will increase incentives among low-wage workers to work and gain the experience and skills demanded in the job market;

Therefore, be it resolved that __________________________ supports the goal of raising base pay for employees of firms which contract for services with or receive economic assistance from local government to 110% of the federal poverty level for a family of four and to provide health care benefits.


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